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About us, partnership - 2. mája 2017

Together with our partners from the Open Society Foundation and the Civic Association eduRoma, we have undertaken to provide a detailed picture of policies and framework provisions on early care and pre-school education, identify obstacles and opportunities to improve Roma children’s access to appropriate and high-quality education. Continue Reading

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Capacity development of Municipalities

About us, Activities - 30. apríla 2016

Our organization is dedicated also to strengthening the capacity of local governments in developing projects and governance in a multicultural environment. Part of our activities supported by the Council of Europe under the initiative ROMACT are training targeting on improvement of the access to EU funds, project management, governance in a multicultural environment, the intercultural communication and inclusion policies. Continue Reading

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Step by Step Anniversary

About us - 11. júna 2015

In October 2014, all members of the ISSA celebrated the 20th anniversary of implementation of the Step by Step program, as well as the 15th anniversary of the International Step by Step Association. Today, the organization comprises 56 members from 35 countries. All members, partners and individual supporters of this anniversary celebrate together at the Hotel Flamenco in Budapest on 11th October 2014.

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Poradná rada REYN aj so slovenským vkladom

About us, partnership - 19. mája 2013

Prehlbujeme spoluprácu v rámci Romani Early Years Network. Continue Reading

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We Belong to the REYN Network

About us - 20. februára 2013

Non-profit Organization Wide Open School is also part of a Roma Professionals REYN Network. Continue Reading

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Social and Emotional Development in Early Childhood

About us - 13. februára 2013

We bring experience with the social and emotional development of preschoolers. Continue Reading

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Wide Open School Non-Profit is an ISSA Member

About us - 6. februára 2013

Starting today, we became a member of the International Step by Step Association. Continue Reading

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