Membership in international networks


This membership association is an international learning community (with over 90 members) supported by leading early childhood experts in Europe and Central Asia. It brings together and supports practitioners and partners to equitably deliver quality early childhood services, challenging existing knowledge and practice and co-creating new approaches and models. In its work, ISSA advocates for competent early childhood systems for all children, especially the most vulnerable. It seeks to raise awareness of the importance of early childhood development and a skilled workforce. As a leading network of early childhood professionals and learning community, ISSA promotes quality, equitable and integrated services for children, families and practitioners.


Aflatoun International works with an extensive network of NGOs and governments to deliver social and financial education to all children and young people in the most effective way possible. Through its intercontinental network, the organisation reaches millions of children around the world. This network consists of a wide range of partner organisations (more than 345 members), from local non-profit organisations to international agencies and governments, sharing the belief that social and financial education can make a significant contribution to the development of the world's children. Individual partners create high-quality, contextualised social and financial curricula for children and young people aged 2-24.

Romani Early Years Network

The Romani Early Years Network (REYN) is a Europe-wide leading advocacy network that promotes professionalism in early years, access of Roma and Traveller children to quality early childhood development (ECD) services and more diversity in the ECD workforce, including a better representation of Roma and Traveller professionals. We share knowledge, promote best practices, train practitioners and work with our members to achieve quality and equitable early childhood services.