Establishment of ECEC Play Hubs in Slovak Republic to support Ukrainian refugee children

About the project

The project has been implemented since 1 June 2022 as part of the UNICEF humanitarian assistance.

It focuses on the following objectives:

  • establishment of play and learning hubs in several municipalities of the Slovak Republic (based on previous needs analysis),
  • providing capacity building and training opportunities to teachers, practitioners, assistants and other people taking care of children in the ECEC Play Hubs

In coordination with involved municipalities, we have established play and learning hubs and mobilised local communities to provide quality and inclusive early childhood education opportunities for young children and their families.

The services we provide have a strong focus on promoting understanding and cooperation between people from different cultures, as well as a social cohesion approach where refugee and local communities share services and have equal access to activities and workshops.

In addition to the workshops implemented directly in the individual play and learning hubs (e.g. creative, art, theatre, sports workshops, reading club or mothers/parents club, support workshops for learning Slovak and English language, activities aimed at psychological support and strengthening of children and adults after traumatic experiences, activities aimed at intergenerational learning), the staff of the hubs also implement external workshops with the aim of stimulating the development of children, their relationships and their integration in the city or region in which they live. These workshops take place, for example, in cooperating libraries, sports grounds, cinemas, theatres or in the nature and give children the opportunity to meet new people, and have new and unusual experiences.

Where to find us

Taras Shevchenko Primary and Grammar School
Sládkovičova 4
080 01 Prešov
Contact person: Mgr. Nikola Stachová / 0908 648 995 / mulicakova.nikola@gmail.com

Games and Education Center
Scheerova ulica 1 (previously Andreja Kmeťa 659/1)
010 01 Žilina
Contact person: Mgr. Alexandra Glosová / 0910 374 702 / alexandraglosova@gmail.com  

Caritas Spiš, Support Centre
Nábrežie Jána Pavla II. 438/15
058 01 Poprad
Contact person: Mgr. Mária Vítková / 0904 381 140 / kleinulka@gmail.com

Tatranská Lomnica
Educational and training facility VS – Finance
Tatranská Lomnica č. 128
059 60 Vysoké Tatry – Tatranská Lomnica
Contact person: Liliia Grynenko / 0905 152 933 / lilia.grinenko@gmail.com

Limbová 4
917 02 Trnava
Contact person: Mgr. Andrej Havlík / 0907 384 321 / andrej.havlik@cvc.trnava.sk

Banská Bystrica
MHPSS centrum
Komenského 12
974 01 Banská Bystrica
Contact person: Simona Živická / 0911 101 646 / komunitnecentrum.bb@redcross.sk

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