Supporting social and emotional competences of children

Supporting social and emotional competences of children

...of pre-school age from disadvantaged or culturally different environments

About the project

The partnership project aimed to develop and disseminate  ECEC methodologies/curricula providing inclusive activities for children and parents from disadvantaged environments.


  • During the first stage, data was collected by all the partners on ECEC strategies at the national and local levels in their respective countries. The data on best practices regarding inclusive activities were also collected. The research focused on the national agenda of pre-school education and care; the children enrolled in formal pre-school education institutions; the number, academic background, and experience of the teachers and other pre-school staff. The survey focused on the main difficulties and obstacles faced by the ECEC staff
  • Based on the outcomes of the previous phase, the data from the survey, and the collected best practices, the methodology of inclusive ECEC activities for pre-school children (3 to 6 years of age) was developed. The methodology is based on activities to meet the individual needs of children, parents, and teachers
  • The training course on the inclusive activities of the new methodology was developed
  • The training course was piloted in the partner countries and selected activities and programs were implemented in the pre-school institutions