Competency training for professionals in day-care centers and comparable institutions in rural areas of Europe

About the project

The aim of the project was to create innovative solutions for the development of media pedagogical competences with the use of ICT and the acquisition of digital skills of professionals in child day-care centers and similar institutions, especially in rural areas.

We wanted to use innovative pedagogical methods and train children in the use of digital media. Significant synergies were achieved through international cooperation. Various levels, approaches and solutions were transferred to the partner countries. This has been possible because the IT platforms are essentially the same in all countries, which has enabled us to create sustainable innovations across countries.

Rural areas are disadvantaged as educational locations, especially in the ICT sector, due to a lack of equipment and specialists. ICT plays an important role in the quality of life in rural areas, and there is a risk that rural areas will be left behind and that certain social groups will be excluded. All rural regions in Europe face similar problems.