Action for Roma engagement, entrepreneurship, employment and empowerment

About the project

The overall aim of the project was to introduce and promote an innovative learning model based on exchanges between programme (Slovakia and Serbia) and partner countries (B&H and Albania), learning mobility and cooperation between youth organisations and non-formal education providers, and joint actions of Romani and non-Romani young people.

The specific objectives are:

  • To design relevant, innovative and flexible learning models aimed at acquisition/improvement of social and employability skills by young people, in particular Roma
  • To increase the capacity of youth CSOs and provide them with the necessary tools to deliver a new form of training based on non-formal flexible learning methods, learning mobility, virtual cooperation and OER
  • To develop, test and implement new practical training programmes based on the learning mobility that will aim to improve the competences of participants and encourage them to participate actively in society
  • To strengthen the influence of youth CSOs in advocating for the validation and recognition of competences acquired through non-formal learning

Target groups were Roma and non-Roma youths in the age 13 – 29 years.