Capacity development of Municipalities

Our organization is dedicated also to strengthening the capacity of local governments in developing projects and governance in a multicultural environment. Part of our activities supported by the Council of Europe under the initiative ROMACT are training targeting on improvement of the access to EU funds, project management, governance in a multicultural environment, the intercultural communication and inclusion policies. More


Erasmus+ Trainings in Kindergarten located in LUNIK IX., Kosice

Part of the implementation of Erasmus+ project is the training of pedagogical and non-teaching staff in this kindergarten. Representatives of Škola dokorán – Wide Open School n. o. together with two teaching staff members regularly attend international trainings and subsequently share acquired knowledge and practical experience and educate their colleagues. More


ERASMUS+ training

As a part of the Erasmus+ project, our organization has organized training for partners from Latvia, Slovenia and the Czech Republic on the topic: Building trust and connecting pre-school with different actors within the local community. Part of the training was the study trip to Kosice – Lunik IX. kindergarten. More


International meeting in Kiev

13From 14th to 17th October 2015, Denisa Sklenkova and Miroslav Sklenka attended the international meeting in Kiev, Ukraine. The aim of the meeting was to present the successful international experiences of community development and education programs in Slovakia. More


Capacity Development Workshop

From 16th to 18th December 2014, in the premises of our organization there was realized an introductory workshop for the purpose of the capacity development of organization.  Its implementers were representatives of INTRAC and Slovak Fundraising Centre. The output of nearly a one year future cooperation will be the newly created organizational strategy, communication strategy and fundraising strategy of Wide Open School n. o.