Membership in international networks


International Step by Step Association (ISSA)

As a membership association, is an international learning community (with more than 90 members), powered by the leading early childhood experts in Europe and Central Asia. It unites and supports professionals and partners to deliver high-quality early years services equitably, challenges existing knowledge and practice and co-constructs new approaches and models. Through its work ISSA advocates for and supports competent Early Childhood Systems for all children, especially the most vulnerable. It strives to increase awareness of the importance of Early Childhood Development and of a qualified workforce. As a leading early childhood network and learning community, ISSA promotes quality, equitable and integrated services for children, families and practitioners.

Aflatoun International

Works with a strong network of NGOs and governments to deliver social and financial education to every child and young person in the most effective way possible. Through its inter-continental network it is able to reach millions of children around the globe. The network consists of a broad range of partner organizations (over 345 members) varying from local non-profit organizations to international agencies and governments – all sharing the conviction that social and financial education can significantly contribute creating a world of children empowered. Partners are creating high-quality, contextualised social and financial curricula for ages 2 – 24 years old.

REYN International – Network of educators working with young Romani children

In 2014, our organization decided to establish a network of educators working with young Romani children and their parents – an advocacy platform and a platform for the development of professional competencies. We strive to work together and become better at what we do to be able to offer high-level education, a multicultural approach to education in kindergartens and primary schools, community and health centers, and social services. At present, our network consists of more than 500 members, friends, and supporters, including teachers, social workers, health workers, community activists, parents, government officials, and local government members. REYN Slovakia was established following the international REYN network based in the city of Leiden in the Netherlands. A total of 11 national networks are currently active in Europe.