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In order to carry out their missions non-governmental organisations depend solely on independent financing from diversed funds. Our donors and supporters are those who enable us to develop on our activity.


Become our supporter and get engaged in our effort to improve education, build a multicultural and open society and foster coexistence of ethnic groups in Slovakia.

Support the Wide Open School and become a part of fulfilling our mission!

What your donations help us to achieve:


    • pay for school supplies for 1 child;
    • fund 1 child’s admission to a museum, gallery, theatre or Zoo.                            



  • cover the cost of travel to school for 1 child for 1 month;
  • buy classroom supplies (geometric shapes, etc.) to improve children’s graphomotor  and mathematical skills.



  • buy books for 1 student or 1 classroom;
  • pay for English or German language textbooks for one secondary school student.



  • pay for after-school tuition or language course for 1 child for 1 month;
  • purchase teaching supplies for 1 classroom or after-school care club;
  • buy a school bag for 1 child.


      • cover a summer camp or language course for 1 child;
      • pay for sporting equipment for 1 classroom or 1 school;
      • fund the cost of lessons in a performing arts school for 1 talented Roma child for 1 year;
      • contribute to buying a musical instrument or sporting equipment for 1 talented Roma child.


      • Should you wish to get in touch, please email or call us:

      • E-mail for supporters: podpor(at)

      • Mobile for supporters: +421 · 905 · 477468

Thank you for your support!