Building gender equality from the start

About the project

The main goal is to support ECEC teachers, preschools’ leaders and other training providers to improve gender and gender related digital access equality in ECEC settings in all aspects that ensure inclusive quality ECEC as per EU Quality Framework Recommendations, whilst empowering them to monitor and (self)evaluate the gender mainstreaming in ECEC.

The specific objectives are:

  • To improve ECEC professionals’ and other supporting staff’s competences to self-assess their own gender biased prejudice and discriminatory attitudes and practises
  • To develop tools and guides for policies and practices reducing gender and gender related digital use gaps in the ECEC settings in 5 quality areas per EU Quality Framework Recommendations
  • To create and strengthen learning community of teachers, parents, civil society and other stakeholders that can effectively monitor, (self)evaluate gender and gender related digital use and plan measures to reduce it. The final version of the project results will include examples of best practices from all the participating communities and countries and therefore it will be also a model for European approach to this topic that can be used and adapted to any cultural environment.

In order to reach our objectives and achieve our goal, we will develop 3 types of tools:

  • Tool for (self)assessment of gender related personal prejudice, stereotypes and (un)conscious bias affecting the practices of preschool teachers and other ECEC staff in their interaction with young children
  • Best Practices in Achieving Gender and Gender Related access and Use of Digital Tools Equality in ECEC
  • Toolkit for Monitoring and Evaluation of Gender Equality in ECEC